D Rosen’s work tells us stories that are crowded with strange encounters; animals and nail polish; furs, salt, and deer fencing. The potpourri objects communicate long, and ancient (or invented) rituals, that are aside from commodified marketability. Fetishistic, but at times loose, they are both precious and punk, baroque style Kathy Acker.


All works © D Rosen 2020


Land Acknowledgement: 

The server for this website is located in Mountain View, CA

on the land of the Ohlone and Tamyen People.

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Domestic Cycles of Care, of Consumption, 2019

Oil Rubbed Cast Bronze (Original Objects: Cow hoof from Pet Supplies Plus chewed on by my non-human companion, Cliff)
 3.5 x 2.5 x 2 in. Photo Credit: Meg T. Noe