breeding systems : who gets to own their body?

casting as breeding and birthing 

Horsehair plaster 


Press molds--elemental matter pressed onto a bodily form or referent      [      the abstractions produced by manure pressed into hair and hooves ]


   [   and 

zoonotic diseases -- species porousness --bodily porousness  -- geopolitical porousness }

or, simply how do I get sculptures here to there (or, in more theoretical terms--site to non-site--thinking of Arnaud's thoughtful discussion here) without contaminating?

Breeding systems, the bioessentialism of reproductive systems (discounts prevalence of queer expressions in "nature" [complicated wc] and between non-human animals) — to build a bridge for viewers between abstraction and representation

Mare pregnancy tests - urine - menopause treatments [Premarin]


breeding as a process that replicates the trauma and violence of domestication across generations   +     species   

issues of reproduction and bodily autonomy-- questions of who gets to own their own bodies and who is historically / currently used as property / commodity  


foregrounded by current waves of transphobic and anti-feminist legislation in the United States (they are both related and sometimes very much at odds bc politics that foreground the political experience of gendered bodies are often (intentionally or unintentionally) transphobic          + / e.g., bioessentialist)

if we stopped breeding non-human animals

we would disrupt technologies 

of domestication and                 maybe need to? confront human-animal desires

[ who / how / what we consume within systems ]

and our contributions          [  waste streams ] to environmental destruction and

environmental racism through the reproduction of violence 

across species 

interspecies friendship


in addition to critique 

and simple truth telling

about the masking of violence

across - through - between 


beauty is important as a sensation            or

as a form of communication 

with but also without - between - beyond 


[or at least human verbal language(s) ].           how to speak through touch

or how to know when not to touch             when presence without force is what it needed

when to enjoy the textures of sunbathing and smells of foraging for wild mint

these things are beauty and they sprout

right next to violence

[ each: yours , mine , and ours to share ]

an altar for Peacocks, Roosters, Hens, and Pigeons

making an offering without turning on the lights-- a sign that a human is coming into your space but not for slaughter or sale

allogrooming as a form of sociality and interspecies friendship -- it is not frivolous it is life-giving 

to be present without force

more soon:

heath checks - orifices - privacy / lack - under domestication 

the necessary persistence of being in proximity to - or standing in excrement 

how majestic beings like Horses are romanticized + fetishized but also asked to endure harmful and abusive circumstances 

i.e., what glamorization is and does to being(s)

pastoral imaginary / imagery  (propagated throughout art history, consumer marketing          +         distance)




dud studs

Stallion boundaries + care

historical / mythological allegories for gender-based violence that absorb non-human animals

abortion / miscarriage / resistance and biting as a form of birth control 

isolation of the Ram after breeding season / before sale

the nature / culture binary of masculinity 

[ i guess what i'm trying to say - somewhat allegorically -is that i'm interested in the ways that toxic masculinity (also, and, +)

                                             harms cis-men ]

psychic / non-verbal communication


standing ankle-deep in each other's shit to be together

to be different (perceptually, physically, linguistically etc.) and still to be, together