My practice has always revolved around the animal. I operate from the position that questions of animality are not binary but rather a tangle of ecologies and richly complicated identities, framed by culture. Examining cultural representations of human animals and non-human animals is important to understanding how beings collide within cultural structures. The structures that I examine include institutional architectures, carceral spaces of domestication, gender performance, high fashion, vivisection, zoosemiotics, grooming rituals, and contemporary hunting cultures. Creating webs of references to examine the concept of the animal is a way for me to think through being as a relational, corporeal network. These queer ecologies are a mechanism to imagine flourishing beyond normative categories and taxonomies in order to recognize kinship through an embrace of multiplicity, physicality, and mutation(s).

Land Acknowledgement:

The server for this website is located in Mountain View, CA

on the land of the Ohlone and Tamyen People.  It is important to acknowledge that digital space takes up physical space, and in creating this website, I am complicit in forms of environmental racism and colonization.  To find out more about the indigenous lands that you may be occupying, physically and digitally, visit Please consider making a donation directly to the people who have been and continue to be impacted by white-supremacist colonial violence.



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When you die, will you become a sculpture?, 2019

Inherited Ocelot Coat*, Custom Frame 47 x 40 x 4 in. Photo Credit: Meg T. Noe, * Proceeds will directly benefit Ocelots at the Carolina Tiger Rescue