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In my artistic practice, I use sculptural modalities to engage with critical animal studies. I operate from the position that questions of animality are not binary but rather a tangle of ecologies and richly complicated identities framed by culture. Within my work, I consider how human and non-human animals intersect within cultural structures. I endeavor to take an expansive view of the term "animal" to move beyond highly privileged frameworks of anthropocentrism grounded in concepts of supremacy. 


My practice could be broken into two branches: a) works made through direct ritual actions of mutual care with non-human animals on farms, sanctuaries, or structures of domestication that result in a sculptural document, text, or ephemeral object, and b) works that engage with cultural representations of the animal in biology, fashion, hunting, agriculture, or architecture that result in a sculptural object using source materials derived from those fields or structures. 


My goal with this work is to expand epistemologies for engaging with more-than-human worlds to effectively shift hierarchies of the animal used to justify violence across categories. Using elemental materials, I endeavor to provide aesthetic and discursive catalysts for gestures of interspecies care, collaboration, and coalition building on a warming planet.

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